Customer satisfaction and trust is our main goal. Ekoplast intends to maintain its position as a reliable company that guarantees professional and timely execution of a high quality product that meets all Customer’s requirements.


These goals we want to achieve by:

→ Gaining Customers confidence by meeting their expectations;

→ Maintaining and improving the status of a professional tool manufacturer;

→ Continuous development of methods of designing, manufacturing, controlling quality and servicing Customers;

→ Assuring high quality and reliability of the products made.



The ways to achieve these goals are:

→ Continuous development of the Quality Management System;

→ Analysing Customer satisfaction and actions intended to improve it; 

→ Verification of meeting Customers’ requirements at each significant level;

→ Creating conditions for involvement of employees in improvement of the manufacturing process;

→ Development and continuous improvement of cooperation with suppliers, Customers and other parties having an impact on our business;

→ Creating conditions for continuous upgrading qualifications and motivating our employees;

→ Continuing implementation of innovations resulting from technological progress;

→ Planning, management and improvement of processes and their interconnections;

→ Systematic evaluation of effectiveness of processes, combined with their continuous improvement;

→ Conducting the production process in an environmental friendly method, observing health and safety rules;

→ Providing resources being necessary to meet the planned goals and commitments.




Implementation of and compliance with the adopted quality policy is to ensure Customers’ satisfaction which is crucial for the future of the factory and satisfaction of the employees.





I establish and implement the presented policy.

Roman Glazik





Due to growing market demands, companies should continuously take care of improving quality of the products they make.

The obtained quality must not be a result of random actions, but of the planned and strictly followed policy aimed at maintaining a high and consistent level of fabrication of goods. In our case production process of every mould and adherence to the quality management policy starts as early as at the design stage. Because of the fact that production of each mould is a fabrication of a prototype, the requirements as to the final product quality faced by our company are particularly high.

Due to our many-years experience in this field, employing highly qualified staff and modern stock of machine tools, we are able to achieve the product quality goal as intended.



Design-and-Engineering Stage




Production of each mould – being a technically complex product is carried out from the very beginning by using the latest information technology. The mould design is created by means of the latest CAD systems, such as Unigraphics, Autodesk Inventor. Apart from designing a mould, those systems allow also to perform some simulations of mould operation and injection process.





The design prepared that way, after completed control process, is transferred to the product engineering department, where programs to control machine tools are developed also by means of CAM software. With network connectivity the ready-to-use programs are sent directly to the computers that control the machines. Such integration of the design-and-engineering departments with the production department allows to minimise the time needed to make injection moulds.


Production Stage


In order to maintain high standards of quality of the manufactured items it is necessary to have modern stock of machine tools, most of them being numerically controlled. EKOPLAST as a company with a long tradition for the entire period of its existence strives to maintain the highest level of its machines. Continuous development of our stock of machine tools is a guarantee of compliance with the most complex needs of our Customers. In order to expand the stock of machines tools EKOPLAST is implementing the project being co-financed by EU funds. (More information on this may be found in the section EU’s Programmes)


Quality Control Stage


Quality of the components being produced, compliance with the design and process engineering documentation as well as compliance with the production schedule are controlled at each stage of the injection mould production. With this approach EKOPLAST achieves the planned - high quality of the injection moulds being manufactured. Constant quality control is carried out due to, among other things, the fact that the machining centres are equipped with special measuring heads allowing to perform test measurements directly at the machining site.



Testing Stage


Once the production process is completed, each injection mould undergoes production tests in our department of injection moulding machines that has been specially built for that purpose. With a wide range of injection moulding machines we are able to test all our moulds.

The mouldings produced with these tools are subject to final inspection, including microscopic examinations, being the final proof of obtaining the intended production quality. All the processes that lead to the production of an injection mould, including the entire production cycle, are controlled. Such an approach ensures that strict quality standards are followed.